A Biblical Timeline
Developing a Christian Worldview 4

???? BC    Creation:  Genesis 1:1

???? BC    Creation of Man 1:26-31

4004 BC    The Fall:  Genesis 3:1-24.

2349 BC    Noah and the Global Flood:  Genesis 6-7

2242 BC    Tower of Babel:  Genesis 11:1-9

1922 BC    Abram called to leave his country:  Genesis 12-17

1739 BC    Jacob's name changed to Israel; Nation of Israel is born:
                Genesis 35:9-15

     5 BC    Christ, the Son of God is born:  Matthew 1-3

   33 AD     Death of Christ on the cross:  Matthew 27:32-66

   33 AD     Christ is resurrected from the dead:  Matthew 28:1-10

20?? AD     Christ, the Son of God returns again:  Matthew 24:29-44

20?? AD     Judgment of all:  Revelation 20:11-15

20?? AD     New Heavens and New Earth:  Revelation 21:1-4.

All dates taken from The Annals of the World by James Ussher.

Let us lay these foundations for developing our worldview:

Creation Foundation | Moral FoundationDoctrinal Foundation

Let us understand these timelines:

The Biblical Timeline | The Dispensation of Christ.