What is Repentance?


WHEN MY WIFE AND I vacationed in southern West Virginia, we decided to turn off the main interstate and enjoy the scenery on one of the less traveled dirt roads It didn't take long for us to understand the phrase "Wild West Virginia" and change our minds, as we turned our van 180o and returned to the comfort of the interstate

This is simply all that repentance is:  it is to have a change of mind.  It is nothing more than reconsidering something and choosing to do something different.  The Bible tells us we need to reconsider what we think about God when it tells us to have "...repentance toward God..."  (Acts 20:21)  That means we need to "look to God"--put our trust in Him, to be saved from hell and no one else, because there is no one else who can save us. (Isaiah 45:22).  To repent is to turn your focus on God and away from everything else that has nothing to do with God.

The Bible also tells us we need to "repent from dead works" (Hebrews 6:1).  Dead works are nothing more than sin.  The Bible gives a list of these dead works in Romans 1:29-32; Galatians 5:19-21; and Revelation 21:8.  To repent from dead works is nothing more than to understand that there are thoughts, words, and behaviors which are against God and then making the choice not to do them.

The conclusion of the matter is that repentance is nothing more than choosing to focus upon God and choosing to think, say, and do what is not against God, but is in line with His thoughts, words, and behavior.

Are your thoughts, words, and behavior in line with God or against God?  Do you need to stop your sinning?  I encourage you to choose God's way today before you meet Him face to face.